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Unlockable Characters in TEKKEN 5

I just love playing Tekken 5 so here i am sharing some cheats for this game. There are many unlockable characters in Tekken 5. In order to unlock them, simply beat Story mode a number of times to unlock a particular character. You must finish Story mode using different characters each time for it to count.
Get ready! take this note or bookmark this page so you have your reference.

ROGER JR-------------------Beat Story Mode once
ANNA WILLIAMS---------Beat Story Mode 2x
BAEK DOO SAN-----------Beat Story Mode 3x
BRUCE IRVIN------------Beat Story Mode 4x
WANG JINREI--------------Beat Story Mode 5x
PANDA------------Beat Story Mode 6x
GANRYU-------------Beat Story Mode 7x
MOKUJIN------------Beat Story Mode 8x
HEIHACHI--------------Beat Story Mode 9x

Here are the secreat Characters you can unlock too

EDDY GORDO------------ Buy Christie Monteiro's third costume in the customized zone. Highlight Christie in the Character Select Screen and press triangle
DEVIL JIN----------- Complete the "Devil Within" mini game or fight in 200 matches.

Here are the other secrets
JINPACHI'S MOVIE- lose to him in purpose during the last stage of the story mode and choose not to continue.

STAR BLADE GAME- Add this new game to Arcade History mode. Collect the Space ship icon in stage 4-2 of the "Devil Within" minigame to unlock it.

Here are some cheat to have those hard-earned cash

1,000,000 FIGHT MONEY- Gaim 1,000,000 in fight money by finishing the "Devil Within" mingame the first time.
EXPENSIVE ITEMS- Play "Devil Within" a seconf time after completing it once. there will no be Tattoo icons (similar to Jin's arm tattoo) scattered throughout each levels. each of this icons can be traded in for expensive items in Customize Mode. There are 8 icons per level, which gives you a total of 40 icons to find. Finding all of these icons can easily save you over 20,000,000 in the fight money.

That's all for now, Have a great day!