It's All About the Surgeons

There has always been mixed reviews about Cosmetic Technologies. Some are facts while others are nothing my misunderstandings. One of the perfect example of this misunderstood issue about Cosmetic Surgery is the case of that 48 year-old Korean woman named Hang Mioku who became addicted to plastic surgery which lead her to a disastrous outcome.
Well, she was in top of the news world wide and her face was shown from one page of the newspaper to another. Well, this case is clearly misunderstood by the public. Some people blamed the incident to the surgeons and the plastic surgery itself but if you are going to analyze the whole scenario, it was actually Hang Mioku's fault at all! She went uncontrolled and let her plastic surgery addiction covered her mind. Would you ever inject cooking oil to your face? Well that sounds really crazy right? But then, we can't deny the fact that the surgeons who gave Hang the syringes and silicone and allow her to self-inject without medical assistance only shows irresponsibility, unprofessionalism and unreliability from their field.
Well, Hang Mioku's case is exactly the different thing to the case of Connie Culp, the first ever Full Face Transplant recipient in the US. Hang put herself into a living nightmare because of her unhealthy behavior while Connie managed to escape from that darkness which made her life better today.
Embracing Cosmetic or Plastic surgery is not a bad idea as long as you know the surgeons that you are dealing with. The result of a plastic surgery doesn't depend on how cheap or how expensive the procedures are, it is all about the surgeon's expertise and skills. Make sure that you are dealing with a well trusted, and well trained surgeon before undergoing any procedure.
Conduct your own observation too and much better if you check the company online or visit some forum to know how well their records are.
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We are very lucky that these technology are made even safer and affordable for us.

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