Tangled Rapunzel Puppet Stick

Head down to our last project this month. Of course, our Tangled Puppet Sticks Art Collection will not be completed without Rapunzel! This is our personal favorite actually. Hope you like it.

Draw a bald Rapunzel on a card board and start cutting small threads of yellow yarn.

I used Color pencil for Rapunzel however, since i accidentally drew Rapunzel on the glossy and smooth side of the cardboard, the color turned out not so good.

Start gluing the yellow yarns.

Tadah! We're done!

PS. Look what happen after placing Rapunzel under the light. Her hair seems glowing like what we've seen in the Tangled movie haha.

Mother Gothel Puppet Stick

We're down to our second to the last project for this month. We're done with Pascal, maximus and Flynn. This time, we're making Mother Gothel Puppet Stick.

First, i drew a bald Mother Gothel on the card board. (you'll find out why we should draw her bald)

I used color pencils for her.

Get black yarn and cut small pieces from it.

Simply untwist each yarns and you will have this curly hair effect for Mother Gothel.

and one more thing, SHE IS NOT DIANA ROSS huh hahahaha
Place her on a stick and you'll have Mother Gothel Puppet Stick
Hope you like it!
Rapunzel is next! We're doing the same procedure so prepare yellow yarn for her.

So Upset

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Anyway, the reason why i am so upset is because Milzon, Mirasol and I were actually planning to make art projects last week but we failed to make one because of my busy work. They moved me into a new working schedule and i simply can't bear with it. Thanks God tomorrow is an official non working holiday in commemoration with the 25th Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution. We will definitely grab this opportunity to make art projects to be featured next month here in my blog.
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Flynn Rider Puppet Stick

There's nothing really special with our Flynn Rider Puppet Stick,
I simply drew him on a card board and cut him out.

I make use of Color Pencil this time.

Just attach him on a stick and hola! you got Flynn Rider Puppet Stick

Tangled Maximus Puppet Stick

We're done with Pascal and now let's make Maximus, the horse of the head of the palace guard who helped Flynn and Rapunzel in the later part of the story. Anyway, to start, just simply draw a horse on a card board.
Cut it out.

We used Water Color for Pascal but this time, Milzon will use crayons.

Then add some details like the googly eye

Place Maximus on the stick.

Tangled Chameleon Puppet Stick

Here we go! Just like what i said, starting today, we will post series of Puppet Stick Art projects inspired from the film "Tangled". The first character in our list would be Chameleon. He has been the only friend of Rapunzel.

To start, simply draw a Chameleon on a card board. If you can't draw, you can ask someone to sketch it for you are you can simply trace it from a poster or a book.

We will use Water Color as our medium.

(Milzon busy painting the Chameleon)

Tadah! Now let it dry first.

Now add some details like the googly eye.

Now get a stick ( a barbecue stick or a craft stick will do). Glue the Chameleon on the stick and let it dry.

Bingo! You'll have your Chameleon Puppet Stick

Monitor Not Working Again!

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Our Little Corners presents Tangled Puppet Sticks!

We just watched Tangled last week which inspired us to create series of art crafts related to the film. I really enjoyed watching the show so as Milzon and Mirasol of course. They gave the story a creative twist because instead of that typical timid and damsel in distress princess, they created a funny and adventurous Princess which provides a comic relief in the story. Flynn Rider is so funny too and who would have thought that Rapunzel will be rescued by a bandit instead of that traditional prince charming right?
Over all, i enjoy the movie and i like it more than the Princess and the Frog Disney Adaptation.

Just like what i said, we'll be making series of art projects related to the film. We will make Puppet sticks for each character so please stay tune for those entries.