TIger Papier-mâché

Tadah! It's been awhile seen we last post a craft here in our Art blog. We're done with our Clay Art Theme and we would like to thank you for all your support. We prepared some Halloween crafts for this month, We will post them probably next week. For the mean time, here's a papier-mâché that i made for my niece for her School project. She asked me to make an Animal papier-mâché and ended up having this cute little Tiger hehe.
Papier-mâché is a composite material consisting of paper pieces or pulp, sometimes reinforced with textiles, bound with an adhesive, such as glue, starch, or wallpaper paste.
To start, we need a bunch of Old newspapers, masking tape, Glue, and Acrylic paint. Forming the figure is actually the most crucial part of this art. I had several trials before getting the right form. Honestly, this is my very first successful Papier-mâché art. I tried making a helmet for a cosplay theme before but i failed. Anyway, you can use masking tape to make it more firm and steady.

After getting the desired form and shape, you can now start or apply the Papier-mâché by soaking the small pieces of newspaper into the home made glue (Mixture of flour and hot water). Actually, I am aiming to make a CAT but Milzon starting to tease me because it looks like a Monkey for him. haha Okay! I'm fine with the Monkey so from being a CAT our project turned to a MONKEY. Just continue doing the Papier-mâché until you have covered the entire figure. Make it as smooth as possible.

Let the glue dry first (by the way, if you don't know how to make your own glue, you can use those ready-made adhesive on the market though it is quite expensive than the home-made). After drying, paint you project with White poster or acrylic paint for quick drying.
Set aside the Papier-mâché art first and start tearing a piece of newspaper into small bits. The finer, the better. Soak them into a hot or warm water and mash them by your hands. Next, separate the water from the mashed paper using a drainer. Mix the mashed paper to the right amount of glue. Mash them together.
Now, you can have the tiny details using the that paper-glue mixture. So here, I put on the eyebrows and the whiskers. Let them dry first and re-coat it with white. Funny but after putting the Whiskers, Milzon was convinced that it is really a CAT. So from being a Monkey, we went back to the CAT status LOL
Now paint the Cat of whatever color you desire. Mine is orange. The first idea is to have a Plain orange cat but my mom told me that CAT should have stripes so I was forced to put stripes on my cat. However.......

After putting stripes, Mom told me that it looks like a Tiger and reminds her of Tigger from Winnie The Pooh! What??? So from being a Cat, it turned into a Monkey and went back from being a cat and now it's a Tiger!! hahaha

Anyway, no matter what animal is this, i think i did great and it is my very first Papier-mâché Art so I'm really proud of it yay!

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Alice Law said...

OMG... you are so talented, I might consider making my boy a place or a train now, thanks for the inspiration!