Better Luck Next Time

The result of Milzon's examination came to me yesterday and I am quite disappointed with the outcome. I taught my brother everything I know during our own tutorial lessons. In fact, he did great during our review and I am really surprised why he failed 3 of his major subjects. But of course, I don't want to blame him for this because it is not his fault. I know he tried his best to answer all the exam correctly. We still have 3 more grading periods to come and I guess the time that is long enough for us practice. I guess it is more appropriate now to say that it's a "better luck next time" for both of us huh!
Maybe I am not an effective tutor for him that's why i am planning to consider hiring a private tutor for him to teach my brother all the important academic subjects like biology, english and math.
I came across last night and it is very interesting to know that we can now hire personal tutors for our kids online. Internet is indeed a powerful tool and we cannot deny the fact that almost everyone has computers at home. It is very ideal for my little brother to try such a convenient process of tutorial especially if he has an assignment or homeworks to do and if ever I am not around with him, at least, he can always access the website and raise his questions there. I'm sure a friendly and highly approachable tutor will help him. How about you guys? Have you tried online tutorial before? Please let me know and feel free to give any of your suggestions or recommendations and I would really appreciate that.