Counter Strike and Paintball

Are you guys familiar with "Counter Strike"? It is actually a tactical first person shooter video game and i was really addicted into it. I remember during my high school days, me and my friends used to visit an Internet cafe every after school and play CS (shortened term for Counter Strike) for about 3 - 4 hours. Well i know that's not really advisable especially for students during that age and that is something I am not really proud of hehe.

Anyway, the game has evolved rapidly and mainly because of being so in demand here and abroad. Here, you can join either the terrorist team, the counter-terrorist team, or become a spectator. Each team attempts to complete their mission objective and/or eliminate the opposing team. The game was intelligently made because it will measure or test how well you strategize your game. But if you're tired with video games, you can actually try playing paintball. It is pretty in demand today and just like Counter Strike, you also have the same objective and that is, to eliminate the opposing team. It is more like you're playing the game in real life but it's just that, instead of real bullets , you will be using paintball guns. Obviously, as what the term connotes, paintball guns throw paintballs which will also serve as your bullets. Excitingly, you will be wearing army uniforms in this game as well. Of course, even though they were just paintballs, you are still required to wear safety gears. You need to have a goggle or a mask to protect your head from any possible injury. A mask usually completely covers the eyes, mouth, ears and nostrils of a person. Of course, if you're going to purchase one, make sure you buy the quality one. JT Paintball mask or the JT Spectra paintball mask is actually one of the most ideal equipment to use as it provides extreme quality and durability. As for the clothing, of course, it should be tough and durable as well. Clothing worn for tournament paintballing is constrained by tournament rules, which prohibit thick padded materials likely to adversely affect the chance of paintballs breaking on the target. Aside from guns, there are also paint grenades (which is not allowed in real paintball tournaments), smoke grenades and slingshots.

Comparing Counter Strike to Paint ball , i would rather go to Paintball since you will be playing the game in actual and it is more thrilling and exciting since you will be opposing against real players too.

My Disappointment and my Future Plans

Yay! Finally, i was able to visit this blog again. Sorry guys for being so inactive lately. You do not have any idea how guilty i am right now. My job is killing most of my blogging time and I can hardly find time to blog hop as well. This is very disappointing in my part despite of the back that i should be thankful because i finally have a new job. However, as a consequence, me and my little brother do not have much time to do some art crafts. How I wish i can have more time to spend with my little brother but my schedule is simply killing me.
As you all know, we already have a new blog dedicated for our crafts but until now, it is till not updated sobs.... Anyway, i have to catch things up and I have to manage my time well. As a matter of fact, Milzon and I were planning to visit Manila Ocean Park this month and I promised to take him to StarCity as well.
Manila Ocean Park is an oceanarium located at the Rizal Park behind the Quirino Grandstand. The oceanarium is divided in sections specifically designed to showcase the marine life seldom seen at close range. It comes with diving and snorkeling services that allows you to explore the water without the need to travel to different islands. Very interesting indeed and me and my brother is so excited to hit this place. I will definitely bring the camera with me and will buzz about our trip for sure.
We are also planning to attend a paintball event this coming September. It will be organized by our city government. Though we will not play the actual game, we will still witness the event live. I am not really sure if each participants is required to have their own paintball gun and own uniform or it will be provided by the organizers. Actually I saw a very cool tippmann paintball gun online yesterday and I think it is very ideal to have it in this game. How I wish we could join this event.
This Paintball event is being held to our place once a year so it's pretty exciting to witness such a rare event here in our area. It is pretty in demand you know. I saw some events in Makati as well and almost everyone is into it nowadays. Okay, now I am so eager to try it.. sigh..

Effective Marketing Strategy

Establishing your own business will not give you an assurance that it will be successful in the future. keep in mind that business can be compared in a gamble most especially in the beginning. You can never tell how the people will response to it. It is a Win or Lose Strategy indeed. Managing a business has never been an easy task especially if it's your first time. You might want to consider hiring professionals or asking for expert advises to make your business more successful.
Whether it's a small or big time business, you have to know the best and the most effective ways in marketing to outsell other companies. Whether you like it or not, you have to do your best and compete with other companies. You need a partner that will help you in establishing a very effective business manajemen / management and strategy.
You may not have your desired success in an instant but you can assure yourself that you are taking the right path by doing the right thing.
Establishing a business will not give you assurance or stability unless you continuously applying creative and effective marketing strategy for it. And of course, always look forward to the better side. Have a positive outlook in life and try to be more productive in your work as much as possible. Anyway, if you are planning to start a business or you are currently into it, I wish you all the best and success. Don't forget to offer your prayers everyday so that God will bless it always.