Making Naruto Headband

We're down with our fifth Cosplay craft. You can check our previous crafts on our side bar. Today, we're making a craft inspired from one of the most popular anime today, Naruto. Of course, if you want to be like Naruto, then you should have his Headband, symbolizing that you are a part of their team. That's what we're gonna making today.

To start, we simply need a small rectangular piece of cardboard (just right enough for your forehead), a headband (one made out of cloth), 4 single fasteners, white glue

Simply draw the Konoha Symbol
Then after doing the outline using the pencil, start coating the outline with permanent marker
Mix the white glue with water.
Then apply it the the cardboard evenly
This will provide glossy effect to our Konoha sign

Make four small holes on each corner

Then attach the sign board using the single fasteners.

Tadah! Naruto Headband is ready to wear

Show us some pose Milzon

How To Make Fujin

Are you familiar with the Anime "Flame of Recca?" Flame of Recca is an Anime adapted from manga with the same title. The story is about the teenage boy named Recca Hanabishi and his journey to unlock the story behind his past. During the Ura butu Satsugin, a tournament wherein the warriors that wield madōgu gather to battle each other, Recca was accompanied by his friends who possesses magical weapons of Hokage too. They are Max Domon, Dylan Mikagami, Lorkan Koganei and Fuko Kirisawa. Today, we'll focus on Fuko Kirisawa or Aira Kirisawa( in tagalog dubbed version).
She's a boyish girl who yields a so called "Fujin" a powerful madōgu or weapon that controls wind. We're making Fujin today!
All you need are the following: Cardboard, Clay (white, green, orange)
Now here's an easy pattern for you. It should not be as complicated as the real fujin.
Cut the pattern.
Then start covering the pattern with White clay
Milzon busy with his craft

Flatten the clay using a roller or anything alike.
Do not cover the entire pattern. Leave at least an inch on each sides.
Start putting the designs using clay.

There you go! Our Fujin!

Milzon Striking pose again with his new craft.

Make one for your kids too!

Keeping Your House Safe

We were all terrified last week on what happened to our neighbor's house. Well, they went on a week-long trip, leaving their house alone and then they were just so surprised and shock after they found out that all their things are swept away. This made me realized how important it is to keep your house safe while you are away.
I might consider installing dead bolt locks and chain locks on all doors of our house to keep all our things secured inside. I will never leave my spare keys on those easy-to-detect areas like under the doormat, over the door or in a flower pot. Do not depend on easily opened snap locks too.
Burglars usually look for easy passage area which may include the garage doors especially if your garage is connected to your house. Replacing your garage door is highly advisable since old garage doors are not as durable and can easily be opened by anyone. Just make sure you get one as good as that Garage doors Portland Service for proper and satisfying installation.
Of course, it is strongly advisable not to leave any valuables where they can be seen from the outside because burglars will easily be tempted to it.
You can't make a man honest, but you can make it harder for him to be dishonest. By taking needed precautions you will protect your own interest and those of all whom God has committed to your care.
Have a great day guys and happy blogging.

Drug Addiction and Cure

Drug Addiction is probably one of the serious issues that any country is facing today. It is quite alarming indeed. But who should we blame for this? The Government for lacking of action, the family for lacking of support and moral advises, the environment which is very influential, or the drug addict itself and his attitude towards life? I guess each of this act a a major contributing factors why Drug addiction remained as one of the country's biggest problem.
We should be grateful enough that there are drug rehabilitation centers today that can help to lessen these drug addiction issues. Rehabilitation is indeed a very effective way to get someone out of the nightmare.
Here, they will undergo series of therapy and psychological treatment to receive full recovery. You can get faster result too especially if you get into an Exclusive Drug Rehab service. It ensures your complete recovery too since you'll get the best of their services.
Private Drug Rehab is very in demand today especially for those celebrities who want to overcome their addiction completely. But then we have to take note that these Drug rehabilitation centers are not just for celebrities and other high profile personalities. Same thing goes with those Exclusive Alcohol Rehab Centers.
There's always a solution to any kind of problems and thank God we find the solution to these Drug Addiction Issues in the nature of rehabilitation centers.

Their Most Favorite Film
It's Little Buddies time!
Guess what Little Pandas are watching...
One of their most favorite films of all time..
Po is their Celebrity Dad.. ^_^

Image and post courtesy of Mirasol

Health And Wellness

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It's really hard to get sick so please take care of yourselves guys. That's the best key that you can have towards the so called Health and Wellness. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Advertisement

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Cursive Writing 101 : Cursive Letters E, F, and G

Hi guys, will share you another set of Milzon's writing. I'm just having a hard time helping Milzon to correct his "Henmanship" haha. LOL. I used to call it henmanship because he writes like a hen haha. But i'm sure, with continuous practice, he will soon learn how to write well.
Anyway, here's another batch of our cursive writing.
He did pretty well on his "E" but there were some erasures.
His "F" is like a nightmare LOL. He got confused with it which resulted to many erasures too. This one needs a lot of practice.
Anyway, after that horrible "F", he did well on his "G". Much neater than his "E". No erasures, just perfect! Cheers!
By the way remember Milzon's Assignment? I'm right! They had a spelling exam and guess what? Milzon got the highest score. Only him among all his classmates got the highest score. He scored 19/20 , making me sooooo proud... this calls for a celebration yay!

Job Openings

When i was ion high school, i often ignore either the head line page or the classified ads page of the newspaper simply because i just can't relate to them during that time. I used to love reading their entertainment pages, most especially the comics and games part. Well, you just can't blame me back then since i am just a high school student but then when i reached college and when i start looking for a nice job, that's the time that i took everything seriously. That's the time i realized how important the classified ads are especially for those who are seeking for job and for those who are looking for some great product deals.
It's nice to see that modern advancement changes everything and made it even easier for us to use these classified ads. We can now have these ads online through those free classified ads. I know there are some job seeker sites but i used to search for the latest job openings and hiring using these online classified ads. They offer the latest and most current job openings here. From homebased to full time positions. Name it! you can find them all here. In fact, I got my latest job right now (which is a home based job) using this online classified ads. Interesting right?
You can check for the latest job openings too! Aside from job openings, the site offer wide array of services which includes latest product deals and more. Better check their site and see what else they have to offer. Have a great day guys!

How To Make Ben 10's Omnitrix

It's time for another Cosplay Craft. This will be our second Cosplay craft this month. Obviously, as you can see on the photo above, we will make the so called "Omnitrix", a gadget from a well known cartoon, BEN 10.
To start, we need the following materials: Card board, Green Colored Paper, A bottle cap (a big one), lollipop sticks, Glue, Glue Stick, Glue Gun, Acrylic Paint (White, Gray and Black) and a marker.
Simply draw the pattern above. Just make sure that the length is just right for your wrist. That's very easy guys, they are just combinations of simple geometric figures so no extensive knowledge in drawing required. The Circle shape in the middle is traced from our Bottle cap. What kind of Bottle cap should you use? You know those caps from products like mayonaise or peanut butter? Their size are very ideal for this craft.
Cut the pattern. This is our Pattern 1 by the way. See that 2 parallel lines(upper part)? Just cut them using cutter. Just make sure that your cut will not exceed to the given line. Set this pattern aside first.
Now for the second pattern.
Just make something like this. It's just a combination of 2 rectangles. Again, just make sure that the length is just right for your wrist. Not too tight, not too loose.
Here's how to lock the pattern 2. Just insert the smaller rectangle to the line that you just cut awhile ago. Set Aside first.
Back to pattern 1, it's time to attach the Bottle cap. Make use of Glue Stick and Glue Gun to make it more firm.
Here's how to Lock the pattern 1. Just insert the smaller tail to the 2 parallel lines that you just cut. Just imagine how you wear your watch.
Now combine the 2 patterns using glue stick.
Here's how it should looks like.
Now get the lollipop sticks.
Cut 8 small pieces with a 45 ( / )degree cut on one end. The height of each cut depends on the height of your bottle cap.

Now attach the inclined end of the stick to the inclined end of another stick, forming an ( ∟) shape. You should end up with 4 pairs
Now paint the watch with white acrylic paint. For better appearance, coat the craft with acrylic paint twice.
While drying, cut 2 small patterns like these on your card board.
Paint them black.
Paint the cap and the pattern 2 with Gray. Paint the pattern 1 with Black.
Draw a semi circle on the green colored paper. Cut the semi circle into half and you'll form 2 same shapes like this.
Glue the 2 green shapes on top of our bottle cap, opposite to each other. Outline them with Marker.
Now get our (∟) sticks and glue them on the side of our cap in four different directions.
Attach the 2 small black patterns too.

Add more details and you're done with your Omnitrix. Now time for Milzon to strike some pose haha.
The t shirt is also an improvised one. We used black colored paper to imitate Ben 10's costume.
Ready for some action?
Happy Blogging guys.