How To Make Dragon Wings

Here's the continuation of our Mystic Warrior Head Gear and Mystic Bracelets project. To make our costume complete, we made a life size Dragon Wing for Milzon.

Milzon is really in his character haha.

To start, we need a pair of old CDs, Electrical tape, flat stick, Colored Paper (we chose green for our Dragon wing).

You need 5 pairs of these. 1 pair of 22 cm, 3 pairs of 26cm, and a pair of 29 cm.

The frame of our wing should be like this.

Join the sticks together using the Electrical Tape

And now to make the wings more appealing, cover the entire frame with Electrical Tape

There you go, now let's start making the wings.
Each wing has three parts right? so get the measurement of each parts and then cut them out.
Make curve cuts on each end.

Should look like this.... continue the process until you have covered the entire wings.

(attaching the middle part)

Our first wing!

Outline the back portion of our wings with Electrical tape.

Make another one and we're done with our Wings.
Now get the Cd and attach the two wings by covering them up with tapes.
Should end up like this.

Now to make the wings wearable, get some straps (taken from old bags)

The Dragon Wings are now ready to wear. Cheers!

Now wear the Mystic Warrior Helmet and the Mystic Bracelets to make our costume complete.

(Milzon Striking some cool pose)

Flap your wings and start flying!


Vhen said...

wow very creative, i like it!

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Very neat!

Ms. Burrito said...

Hi KUya, that is pretty creative!

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wow! super creative. Sana magkapitbahay tayo kasi itong bunso ko tuwing summer, papagawa ng saranggola, eh di naman ako marunong, so ginagawa ko bumubili na lang ako sa mall..hehehehe..hirap maging nanay at tatay pa, tapos mga lalaki pa ang mga anak...waaaaaaa. Thanks nga pala sa visit sa Color connection (A Woman's Note).

Clarissa said...

I applause you for being so creative! Milzon is such a character,cool!Kudos to yah^_^

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Alice Law said...

A little complicated, but this is so cool!

Cheerful said...

you're such a talented boy will love your crafts! great job and i love the last photo. visiting you from color connection and wishing you a great week. :)

SavvyMama said...

now that is pretty cool...what a talent! thanks for dropping by my entry at

SquirrelQueen said...

What a great idea for the dragon wings, you are very creative. Mitzon was striking some very cool poses, I think he likes his new wings.

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Wow .. nice one very creative wish ganyan din ako heheh ... Visiting you back :)