How To Make Fujin

Are you familiar with the Anime "Flame of Recca?" Flame of Recca is an Anime adapted from manga with the same title. The story is about the teenage boy named Recca Hanabishi and his journey to unlock the story behind his past. During the Ura butu Satsugin, a tournament wherein the warriors that wield madōgu gather to battle each other, Recca was accompanied by his friends who possesses magical weapons of Hokage too. They are Max Domon, Dylan Mikagami, Lorkan Koganei and Fuko Kirisawa. Today, we'll focus on Fuko Kirisawa or Aira Kirisawa( in tagalog dubbed version).
She's a boyish girl who yields a so called "Fujin" a powerful madōgu or weapon that controls wind. We're making Fujin today!
All you need are the following: Cardboard, Clay (white, green, orange)
Now here's an easy pattern for you. It should not be as complicated as the real fujin.
Cut the pattern.
Then start covering the pattern with White clay
Milzon busy with his craft

Flatten the clay using a roller or anything alike.
Do not cover the entire pattern. Leave at least an inch on each sides.
Start putting the designs using clay.

There you go! Our Fujin!

Milzon Striking pose again with his new craft.

Make one for your kids too!


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