Working Abroad, Is it For Me?

I just got a proposal from my auntie, asking me whether I want to work abroad or not. It is a tough question for me actually and I cannot answer her right away. According to her, my uncle is inviting me to work with his current company in Kuwait since there is an urgent hiring and they thought that I might be interested to grab that position. I haven't been to any foreign countries but working abroad is actually one of my dreams. However, the problem is that I don't have enough courage yet and on top of that, I have a job here and I just can't leave it right away. Interestingly, they told me that I can still have my online job in Kuwait which somehow fascinates me and they told me that if I am interested, i should start processing my papers.
Honestly, Kuwait is not my dream country because I am aiming for a better one like US or Europe maybe but then I realized that being picky will not really help me at all considering how hard it is to be hired (legally) abroad. This is a great opportunity indeed and a great start for me as an Oversees worker.
If this offer didn't work, then I might consider searching online through some reliable recruitment online companies. Non Stop Recruitment in particular, offers a wide range of graduate jobs in recruitment and my profile and employment records might fall perfectly in one of their job categories. Upon checking their site, I found out that most of their client partners are big and well known companies like Oracle, Pfizer , Novartis to name a few. This makes me eager to become a part of their program and find a good and stable career for me in the future. Cheers!