Today, we'll be sharing another Popsicle Stick Art Project. This will be the 4th out of the 6 Popsicle Stick Art Projects that we will be featuring this month.

Today, we'll make a Doll House. To start with, simply prepare Popsicle Sticks, glue gun and glue sticks. Since this is a Doll House, we chose Pink and Violet as our main color.

Layout the popsicle sticks like this. Vertical Position
Layout popsicle sticks horizontally like this (forming a platform). This will serve as our Floor.

Flip it up and connect the two platforms using small pieces of Popsicle Sticks. This will keep the floor more firm.

Then make walls.

Should form something like this.

You can also add small compartments inside.

The closer look to our compartment...... This will serve as the bed room.
Make the roof out of Popsicle sticks as well.
Now if you have some miniature toys like this. You can just arrange them inside based on your own preferences.

Mirasol arranging the furniture

Fixing the bed room....

Placing the Roof.

Tadah!!! Enjoy Playing!!


The Painted Veil said...

Wow what you guys do with Popsicle sticks is just incredible!!

Happy day!

The Painted Veil said...

I sent you a little something over at EC. I hope you got it.

I sent you 3000 credits to advertise your blog with.

If you didn't get them yet. Just go to your messages after you sign in and you should have a message from me!

Happy day over there!

Krissy Ducttape said...

About how many Popsicle sticks did you use?