Insuring Your Car

Everything is very unpredictable and you can never tell what will happen in the near future. Just like what happen to my uncle who became paralyzed after a horrible car accident. We are all in shock as we heard the news from our relatives and we went to the hospital immediately. I really felt pity for him and I can feel how hard he’s going through right now. But what makes me more pity is when I found out that he receive no beneficiaries and any support from the company he was working with and even from the government. He paid all the hospital bills using his own service. If he only applied for something like life insurance, there will be nothing to worry about the hospital expenses. And if he only get something like the auto insurance Vancouver WA services, he could at least do something for his car. IF he only knew that applying for an auto insurance is as easy as counting numbers, he should have done it on the first place. But again, the damage has been done and right now, he undergoing series of therapies and medication for his immediate recovery

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