The Star Lanterns

This is the part two of my Lantern Parade post. We're done with the Rabbit, now let's head to the Star Lanterns. High school presentation wasn't that nice compare to what elementary students did. It seems that they didn't put some efforts for the parade. Unlike when i was in high school, my batch did some cool presentation. There's also a Giant Lantern Parade where in all high school students from different school should present a giant lantern made out of recycled material. As far as i remember, we make use of the empty sea shells to make a giant lantern. Anyway, i took some photos of this year's Star Lantern parade.

Representatives from Cavite National High school. Simple transparent lantern with some glossy metallic papers hanging on them.

Students from Saint Joseph had a creative presentation of their lantern. They make use of Poinsettia and place it on the center of their lantern and then they put some garlands around it.

Chinese Paper lanterns

Pineapple lanterns?

The holy Family Representation (Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Angels and the Three Kings)

Angels busy talking to each other..

Closer look to one of the angels... Love the Wings..

Some wore Christmas Outfits like Santa Claus

The boring presentation of San Sebastian. Plain blue Star Lantern... nothing really special

I saw a bird, a plane... no it's Superman!!!

Oh and Batman Too LOL

Look at this little girl striking a post

The Opening of the StarLantern Parade

Here's a glimpse of my next entry..... Will be posting about the Giant "Bangenges"

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Alice Law said...

Beautiful angel wings, hoever I still prefer the rabbit parade!