Back Pain Treatment

It’s been two years now since my cousin got his back operated because of the severe injury he got from a car accident. It seems that it was just yesterday when I saw him wearing his neck support and now, it seems nothing really happen to him. This is the only sign that the operation that he has undergone was a big success. However, we should not take everything as easy as like that. We still need to be very careful for my cousin and watch his every move. My cousin’s condition is very sensitive especially that it is something to deal with his spines. We all know how sensitive the spines are. These are the bones that protect the Spinal cord, an organ that is connected to the brain. When he applies too much pressure, it may cause trauma to his spinal cord resulting to some serous spinal injuries and in that case, a back pain treatment is needed to be applied immediately to prevent it from getting worst. Whenever patients have a traumatic head or neck injury, it can also cause a spinal cord injury which is more dangerous knowing that these could lead to paralysis or death. This is also the reason why medical professionals are placing neck brace or cervical collar to their patient .This cervical collar can also be therapeutic as it also relieves the pain.

Magic Trick, Revealed!

Haha, it's now time to reveal the trick. Here are the materials we need for this trick.
Clear Glass
White Glue
Colored Paper
Put a small amount of white glue on the tip or mouth of the glass.
Put it on the top of the colored paper and let it dry until the white glue turns transparent

Once it's dry, cut the excess paper, leaving only the part covered by the glass.
tadah! here's the finished product.

See? it is not that noticeable right?
The key for this trick is how fast you execute your moves. the faster the better.

Here's what's happening inside the cover.
A simple trick yet fun and enjoying.

Coin Magic

Ladies... and Gentlemen........ Here's a Magic trick for you!

See this Coin and a Glass? I will make the coin disappear....



Holah! Coin Disappeared!!!

Now, will make the coin reappear



Tadah! Magic!!!!!
Now tell me how it works?
will post it in my next entry..

Potato Stamp Art

Hi there guys, we will be sharing another artwork. This time we'll be making "Potato Stamp Art"
Here are the materials we need:
Water Color
Bond Paper
Actually you can use potatoes of any size and any variety. With a little creativity, the lowly spud can be used to make decorative prints that can adorn personalized gift cards or decorative gift wrappers.

Get a potato and cut it into half ( with pencil or any pointed material like a small knife), outline your design into the raw surface. You can start of with some simple designs like a star, a fish or even a clover leaf.

Now using that small knife, cut around the outline of the design to a depth of 1/4 inch and then cut the background of the shape it self.
Here, i make a clover shape potato stamp.

Tadah! we used Star and clover shape!
For colors, you can use water colors , which you can mix with a little water. Just dip or spread the color with brush and apply it to a suitable surface.
Tadah! here's the work of my brother!

So cool!

and here's mine...errrr okay my bro's work is much better.

Online Courses

I just had a chat with my friend last night. He's now living in Canada and he's been staying there for almost 3 years already. I thought once you step abroad especially in US or Canada, you'll never have to worry in getting a job not until my friend told me that it is not that easy as what I think. Yes, you can get a job there but not as you want it to be. Some are saying that if you are a professional here in the Philippines, when you step abroad and find a new job, do not expect to get the same high position or same profession or degree. Sad but true. Could you imagine that after 4 years of studying in college just to get your desired degree; it will be useless if you want to try your luck abroad?
Actually, there are some ways to help you earn a degree and to get the job that you’re always ever wanted. That is by taking online courses! If you are an engineer or an IT like my friend, you may want to try taking some what so-called online engineering schools. As what my friend told me, the only thing that you just have to make sure is to deal with the online schools that offer accredited courses.

Make your Own Scratch-off card!

Yesterday, i helped my little bother in making our very own "improvised scratch off cards"
We made one for our mom too!
Sont you just scratching off that gray stuff on prepaid cards and raffle tickets? We will show you how to make your own "Scratch-off Cards"
Here's what we need;
○Felt tipped pens or markers
○White candle or candle wax
○Poster paint
○Paint Brush
○White Glue
Draw your design on the card. Here we drew a "Raffle-ticket" like design. I drew three hearts (one in each circle). Outline your design with black or colored marker.
Use the end of the candle like a crayon and fill in all the circles. This will stop the paint from sticking to the card so you can scratch it off later.
Scratch off cards are usually gray, but you can use other colors. Here, i used red! The trick is to mix the poster paint with an equal amount of white glue. this will make it stick to the candle wax.

Paint each circles with the mixture of paint and glue.
Let the paint dry and your scratch off card is done!

Tadah! You can make multiple scratch-off cards. But of course, not all of them are the same.

here's another way of making scratch-off card. We made one for my mom. An unusual mother's day card.
I drew a mother holding flowers. And in each flowers, there's a word. So the message will be revealed in the end after scratching all the circles.
Do the same as what we did in the first scratch off cards

TadaH let your mom scratch it! and greet he Happy mother's day in a scratch-off card way!

Happy mother's day to all Moms!

Better than RPG

I love playing RPG Games during my free time. Well I can say that I am not like my dad and my uncle who both addicted to online casino games. But yesterday, my dad encouraged me to try to play Casinos online. Well, I have no choice but to say yes since he really insist me to try it and besides, the money to be used is he’s money so I have nothing g to worry of losing the game haha! Anyway, I really enjoyed it. I played Slot machine games and Poker! I do believe that this is not my last time to try playing this game! It’s really fun and enjoying. Honestly, the thrills and the excitement are 10 times bigger than what other RPG games offer. By the way, if you’re planning to play online casino and if it is your first time to play such game, you better make sure that you are dealing with a trusted site. You can also check some websites that provides a list of best casino online! Have a great day and good luck!