Make your Own Scratch-off card!

Yesterday, i helped my little bother in making our very own "improvised scratch off cards"
We made one for our mom too!
Sont you just scratching off that gray stuff on prepaid cards and raffle tickets? We will show you how to make your own "Scratch-off Cards"
Here's what we need;
○Felt tipped pens or markers
○White candle or candle wax
○Poster paint
○Paint Brush
○White Glue
Draw your design on the card. Here we drew a "Raffle-ticket" like design. I drew three hearts (one in each circle). Outline your design with black or colored marker.
Use the end of the candle like a crayon and fill in all the circles. This will stop the paint from sticking to the card so you can scratch it off later.
Scratch off cards are usually gray, but you can use other colors. Here, i used red! The trick is to mix the poster paint with an equal amount of white glue. this will make it stick to the candle wax.

Paint each circles with the mixture of paint and glue.
Let the paint dry and your scratch off card is done!

Tadah! You can make multiple scratch-off cards. But of course, not all of them are the same.

here's another way of making scratch-off card. We made one for my mom. An unusual mother's day card.
I drew a mother holding flowers. And in each flowers, there's a word. So the message will be revealed in the end after scratching all the circles.
Do the same as what we did in the first scratch off cards

TadaH let your mom scratch it! and greet he Happy mother's day in a scratch-off card way!

Happy mother's day to all Moms!


reanaclaire said...

cute.... so u r creative too!

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

auww.. so cute!

Alice Law said...

That's really creative of you!^-^ I start to have an impression that you are a loving and caring big brother, I'm sure your lil bro is very proud of having you!:)

Sweet Fairy said...

This is so nice. Great tutorial. I need the Scratch Cards Printing machine, where i can get the best one?

Muhammad Amjad said...

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