Back Pain Treatment

It’s been two years now since my cousin got his back operated because of the severe injury he got from a car accident. It seems that it was just yesterday when I saw him wearing his neck support and now, it seems nothing really happen to him. This is the only sign that the operation that he has undergone was a big success. However, we should not take everything as easy as like that. We still need to be very careful for my cousin and watch his every move. My cousin’s condition is very sensitive especially that it is something to deal with his spines. We all know how sensitive the spines are. These are the bones that protect the Spinal cord, an organ that is connected to the brain. When he applies too much pressure, it may cause trauma to his spinal cord resulting to some serous spinal injuries and in that case, a back pain treatment is needed to be applied immediately to prevent it from getting worst. Whenever patients have a traumatic head or neck injury, it can also cause a spinal cord injury which is more dangerous knowing that these could lead to paralysis or death. This is also the reason why medical professionals are placing neck brace or cervical collar to their patient .This cervical collar can also be therapeutic as it also relieves the pain.

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Alice Law said...

Ohhh dear, sorry to hear that your cousin got his back injured. Hopefully he is recovering now, with bundles of family supports and rehabilitation... I'm sure he is getting better!

Have a nice day to you!