Online Courses

I just had a chat with my friend last night. He's now living in Canada and he's been staying there for almost 3 years already. I thought once you step abroad especially in US or Canada, you'll never have to worry in getting a job not until my friend told me that it is not that easy as what I think. Yes, you can get a job there but not as you want it to be. Some are saying that if you are a professional here in the Philippines, when you step abroad and find a new job, do not expect to get the same high position or same profession or degree. Sad but true. Could you imagine that after 4 years of studying in college just to get your desired degree; it will be useless if you want to try your luck abroad?
Actually, there are some ways to help you earn a degree and to get the job that you’re always ever wanted. That is by taking online courses! If you are an engineer or an IT like my friend, you may want to try taking some what so-called online engineering schools. As what my friend told me, the only thing that you just have to make sure is to deal with the online schools that offer accredited courses.

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