Its been a Month...still on going

Its been a onth now and im still having my work as a call center agent...
And one good thing here is that i got used to it already... well i can say that im now enjoying my job(so far)..well i have to admit that its quite tough for me especially when it comes to my Schedule where in i have to be at my work from 10 pm up to 9 am without sleep...
And its quite disappointing as well that you are working on a higly compensated company for you to be yelled by irate customers.. well the good thing there is that where just having interactions through phone and not facing them personally.
Well we have to be emotionally prepared for this...thats what our trainers told us before setting us out on the priduction field.
As of this time, i am happy that i dont have to spent my Holidays in my work coz luckily Christmas and New Years are both set on thursday which is my rest day...Cheers!!
And By the way i am also celebrating my birthday today...
I havent done it as extravagant as the others... i just wnat it to be spending it with my family and thats it!! im happy for what ever i have now!!

Done with the Product training

Cheers!! Im done passing it through this ind breaking product training.
We're done with our Nesting as well where we are to interact with actual customers.
and im telling you guys its quite hard especially if you encounter Irate customers.
They will yell at you and thats so harsh, could you imagine that we are being paid for us to be yelled only?..but then its not bad i think its always been a part of our job as a call center agent.
You heard it right, i said Agent..we just had our Graduation last meeting that we had so it means i made it..
but then i am now facing the hardest part...The ACTUAL JOB
i dont know if i could stay that long in this kind of industry but ill try my best.
Wish me luck guys