Its been a Month...still on going

Its been a onth now and im still having my work as a call center agent...
And one good thing here is that i got used to it already... well i can say that im now enjoying my job(so far)..well i have to admit that its quite tough for me especially when it comes to my Schedule where in i have to be at my work from 10 pm up to 9 am without sleep...
And its quite disappointing as well that you are working on a higly compensated company for you to be yelled by irate customers.. well the good thing there is that where just having interactions through phone and not facing them personally.
Well we have to be emotionally prepared for this...thats what our trainers told us before setting us out on the priduction field.
As of this time, i am happy that i dont have to spent my Holidays in my work coz luckily Christmas and New Years are both set on thursday which is my rest day...Cheers!!
And By the way i am also celebrating my birthday today...
I havent done it as extravagant as the others... i just wnat it to be spending it with my family and thats it!! im happy for what ever i have now!!

Done with the Product training

Cheers!! Im done passing it through this ind breaking product training.
We're done with our Nesting as well where we are to interact with actual customers.
and im telling you guys its quite hard especially if you encounter Irate customers.
They will yell at you and thats so harsh, could you imagine that we are being paid for us to be yelled only?..but then its not bad i think its always been a part of our job as a call center agent.
You heard it right, i said Agent..we just had our Graduation last meeting that we had so it means i made it..
but then i am now facing the hardest part...The ACTUAL JOB
i dont know if i could stay that long in this kind of industry but ill try my best.
Wish me luck guys

Done with ACE..

We're done with Accent and Conversational English(ACE) training now Its time for our Product Training.

yes! after that Nose bleeding discussions that we had in our ACE training here comes the mind breaking Product Training

This time we are to learn the actual training or how the process of our job was done.

This time our trainers will test and measure our knowledge in regards with technical matters since we are Technical Support associate.

Well, im not that "techie" and my knowledge was not that high in terms of technical stuffs and matters but still i want to prove something... and to learn something as well..
and this one month product training will sure be a big help for me to improve


Im now having my training in a Call Center in Bacoor
And i have to tell you guys it wasnt that easy for a "CALL CENTER VIRGIN"like me
i dont even have any knowledge of what am i doing
i dont even have the guts to be here(i think)
im not that good in english and constructing my sentences...but then as what my mom told me
i have to be "OPTIMISTIC"
i should always think positive every time
FAILURES should not break you down
but then they told me that once you were on your training there's no reason for you to failed it
thats why it was called training cause they have to train you for you to learn
well im in Accenture account right and work there as a TECHNICAL SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
oh my ...i dont even know how to fixed internet connection problems
but then im excited to be set on the floor
i know i could make it
have agreat day to every one

Currently seeking for a new Job!

yes after my five consecutive months working at HRD, now I'm seeking for new opportunities.
I'm currently looking for a new job that may suit my resume.
And it was so tough for me to get a new job especially that I'm pursuing a call center industry.It wasn't that too easy for me to get into it due for so many process that I'm going to undergo with.
It was my first time to apply in a call center and I'm wasn't that sure that i can make it through.
Its hard for me to compete with all other professionals and all other well skilled call center agents.
Well Do i really have what it take to be a call center agents?Do i have the guts to be in this kind of industry?
Sometimes, i just want to be an Optimistic guy.I just want to look positive in all the things I'm going to make.
Well failures will never break me down.Failures will never be the hindrances for my success
Perhaps these failure will be a challenge for me to become more competitive and more productive in my work as well
I will never be discourage i know that God always have many plans for me, if Call center career wasn't for me well maybe there still other opportunities waiting outhere for me to discover
have a great day

my lazy last monday


i finally went down to my very last Monday at my company...
well i do have so much fun having company with everyone....

but i had to admit as my time get so close to my last day...
i got lazy and lazy everyday...well i know i dont have so much to worry about my plans since we had noemi in the team
she's the one who's going to replace me as a Pile Encoder..
well since we had her and since i was just acting as her back up to help her in some special cases
she may encounter ...i still felt so laze.....

i will miss evrything here at this company ...for sure
have a great monday evening to evryone



yes you heard it right......
we had our shaky Saturday afternoon as the earthquake attacked us.....

we felt it twice and it was such a great experience

although most of the staffs are scare since we are working in the third floor

gheeeh have a great day to everyone

a rainy overtime


Last tuesday...we just had our Over time since we do have lots of plans to we dont have any choice but to have an OT....

we spent 2 additional hours of working and after that....unexpectedly the rain fell out..

its started with tiny drops until heavy rain fell simultaneously ...

gheeeh well thats a great experience though!!!

have a great day to everyone

11 days countdown


Many staffs had left the team and unfortunately its my turn now!!!!

you heard it right i got only 11 consecutive days left until my contract in this company ends up...

so i am going to give all my best to enjoy this 11 days of working and mingle with others.....................................................

so long guys!!
signing off



sorry for my latE post

well im here to update you about what happended on recently held "sportfest"

The sportfest held very successful... its all about the battle between the two team
"green titan" versus the "orange spartan"

my team belongs to green titan.....

we started the event with warming exercises.. followed by lighting up the traditionally held in any sport festival....

we entered the gymnasium at Cavite State University where the event was supposed to start...
they begin with the lovely muses then followed by the most awaited one "the cheer dance"... where in my checker "sonny" was one of the cheer dancer....
the competition begun with the orange spartans then followed by our team titans.. they started it so awesome and entertaining compare to the first group... it was quite obvious that they are much well choreograph than the other team.... and in the end the winner was the "green titan"

after than we took our "am snack" ,,,,then we went out to go to sir Leonel's house as for the late celebration on his birthday (i think)

we had so much fun there..despite of that long hours of travel just to rwach their house..
we ate, we sang, they drunk??? hehe....

here are some flicks

"the lover's in CSU"

"the celebrities??"



last friday our team went out to rocki'n off some party
we went to a place they called GST??
i wasnt so familiar with the exact name but just dont mind it
maybe i was just to excited due to this was my first time to go out with them

we started off with our meal which i admit those foods are simply perfect especially as "pulutan" lol
then they started to throw some jokes which made up the party not so bored
they teased each other so as the sexy servers haha

and ma'am Mitch together with sir Tiu started to sing a duet song in the video oke
then followed by ma'am Che
then Ma'm May and his boyfriend make a duet song followed by the others

if you think evrybody will be serious as they were singing well here's a jolly guy who ruined and broke up the silence
as he hold up th mic and dedicated his song to our Former Team member Ma'm Aquella

see how Gervie enjoy and get so serious with his novelty song lol

its not just Gervie who reigned off the stage but here's another guy who make as laugh and laugh..its Azriel who sang hahaha
well we enjoyed and i enjoyed every seconds ive spent there

i may not be as jolly as them but deep within i really had so much fun with this team

hopefully our upcoming Sport fest offered us much fun

have a great blogging day!!!

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