sorry for my latE post

well im here to update you about what happended on recently held "sportfest"

The sportfest held very successful... its all about the battle between the two team
"green titan" versus the "orange spartan"

my team belongs to green titan.....

we started the event with warming exercises.. followed by lighting up the traditionally held in any sport festival....

we entered the gymnasium at Cavite State University where the event was supposed to start...
they begin with the lovely muses then followed by the most awaited one "the cheer dance"... where in my checker "sonny" was one of the cheer dancer....
the competition begun with the orange spartans then followed by our team titans.. they started it so awesome and entertaining compare to the first group... it was quite obvious that they are much well choreograph than the other team.... and in the end the winner was the "green titan"

after than we took our "am snack" ,,,,then we went out to go to sir Leonel's house as for the late celebration on his birthday (i think)

we had so much fun there..despite of that long hours of travel just to rwach their house..
we ate, we sang, they drunk??? hehe....

here are some flicks

"the lover's in CSU"

"the celebrities??"


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