Clay Crafts # 31 : Our Clay Collection

yay! Finally we're on the last part of our Clay Art Theme. Here's a quick recap of our Clay Crafts

Milzon's Clay Crafts (Pvz, Angry birds, Pokemon)
Plants Versus Zombies Clay Collection
Angry Birds Clay Collection
Girl With Green Hair
Link from Zelda
Food Clay

Clay Craft # 30 : Burgers

This is the last Clay Craft to be featured this month. Thank your guys for all the support. We're preparing for a new set of Art Projects next month. but for the meantime, enjoy your burger meal. Which do you prefer? Hot dog Sandwich or Hamburger?

Closer Look

Complete with patty, lettuce , tomato, buns and sauces
We'll have a short recap of our Clay Crafts in my next post!!

Replacing my Desktop

Yay! I got my new laptop last week though it is not yet open for wireless connection because I don't have any wireless card adapter yet. I might visit a computer shop this weekend. I'm really excited for it. It is not as high tech as those modern laptops but still great enough to support my online works. Though this doesn't mean that I will be leaving my old Desktop computer. As a matter of fact, i am much prefer to use my Desktop computer because it has larger capacity and I can do a lot of stuffs in it than my what my laptop can offer. However, it seems that my desktop computer is quite old and very outdated already because I keep on experiencing Internet issues lately.
Just like last night, I was surprised to encounter a serious error in my Windows, giving me no chance to access my Desktop. I am grateful enough to have a friend who is a technician who offered me his help for free. As far as I my technical knowledge is concern, my friend reformatted my PC to eliminate that serious error. However, as a consequence, all my files has been removed from my hard drive and there seems to be no way for me to recover them since I failed to save some back up copies of those files.
Anyway, it doesn't really matter to me now, having my computer back to it's normal condition is the most important thing. I am working as an online freelance writer so I really need my computer badly. My friend told me that it is advisable to replace my old desktop to a new one. He told me to buy bare bones pc because it will help me to save more money than buying a brand new and complete computer package. I have nothing to worry about assembling the barebone computer because my friend is willing to do it for me.
I might check it online to see some great deals. For the mean time, i will just bear with this old desktop and wait for my wireless adapter card to arrive in order to make my laptop work.

Clay Craft # 29 : Breakfast

We prepared you some breakfast!!!

Coffee with milk, Sunny-Side-up Egg, and 2 pieces of Hot Dog.

Enjoy Your Meal!
After Breakfast, be ready for your Burgers! (my next post)

Clay Craft # 28 : Vanilla Cake with Floral Icing

This is my second time to make a Clay Cake. You can check my miniature 2 layer pink Cake here.

This one has so many tiny details. Remember what we did in our Pink Rose? You will apply the same procedure in making the floral icing but the size is 5 times smaller.

The "I Love" lettering is also made from clay.

Want some Slice? ^_^
Next Food Clay : Breakfast

Clay Craft # 27 : Clay Siopao

Cheers! Who wants Siopao? haha Here's our clay version of Siopao

Want Some? haha
Next Food Clay: Cake

Clay Craft # 26 : Pink Roses

Today we're making Pink Roses. It's different from the 2d Rose that we did before. This time, it's 3 dimensional. Now here's how to make rose. Let the picture speak for itself hehe
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 5
Step 6 : Lock
There you go, your very own 3d rose
I put the rose on a stick, add leaves and make more.

Make your own 3d rose too

Clay Craft # 25 : Milzon's Clay Crafts

These are the clay crafts made by Milzon including his versions of Angry Birds, PvZ and Pokemon.
A couple made by him
He's also the one who took the photos of his own craft lol
Tadah! Great Job Milzon

Oh wait... here's another amazing clay craft from Milzon.. It came to me by surprise... He's such an artist ... very proud of him..

See, I really don't know where he got this Idea but it's really really cool..

Clay Craft # 24 : The Girl with Green Hair

I really don't know who she is haha. I was planning to make a chibi clay version of Morigan Aensland but it turned out to be someone else haha.
Front View
Back View
Side View
The hair was attached in detailed.

We're moving to a new Clay theme but before that, I will summarize first all the Clay Crafts made by my little brother in my next post

Choosing Tiles For her House

These pictures were taken a year ago and I'm happy I was able to save them hehe. Anyway, these pictures were taken when I was helping my Auntie in choosing the right tile for her house. She was actually renovating her house that time and it just so happened that I was staying with her so I tried to help. We ended up choosing ceramic tiles because this is the only bestmaterial that suits her budget well.

She picked this rosy pick tiles for her Kitchen countertop. Well, I would rather pick granite finishing actually but ceramic tiles wasn't that bad after all. Though I'm not really sure about the quality and how durable it is. They said that granite is much better because it is resistant to any stain or scratches and obviously beautiful and glossy but it is quite expensive and she's afraid her budget wouldn't make it.

This one was used for her Bathroom floor.

While this one is for her terrace. I actually find it cute and it turned out great for her terrace and I think we just made a right decision for it. But if ever we're given a chance to change something that would be the kitchen countertop, she should have use marble or granite instead.