Analog Camcorders vs Digital Camcorders

There are actually two types of Camcorders. One is the analog and the other one is the so called "digital camcorders" which are on the rage today. There's obviously huge differences between the two in so many ways. To make it simple, i made my own analogical comparison between the two video cameras and you will be the judge whether which camcorders fit your taste.
►Video Quality : I don't mean to be bias here but needles to compare, Digital camcorders are the best when it comes to video quality. They can produce photos and videos in high definition that no other Analog Camcorders can provide. Same thing goes with the Audio quality.
►Editing : As far as the editing feature is concern, I guess Analog camcorders are way far behind the digital camcorders. Digital videos can be uploaded to your PC and there are just too many software you can use to edit them. So as adding effects.
►Portability : Analog camcorders are usually bulky in size and not so comfortable. Digital camcorders on the other hand are slimmer and can be as smaller than the size of your mobile phones.
It's very clear that Digital camcorders are the best option you can have. The only thing that matters here is the brand of the digital camcorders. I suggest that you read reliable camcorder reviews before purchasing one. You can check for best quality reviews.

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