Dishwashing or Handwashing?

Do you have Dish washing machine in your house? Well, I don't have one but I used to deal with this kind of machine before when I was working in a fast food chain. I was a part time service crew way back 2007 and it is simply unforgettable knowing that it is my very first job hehe. I didn't stay much longer though.
Anyway, back to Dish washing machine, do you prefer to use such machine rather than using your bare hands? They said that dishwashers can consume less water than the normal hand washing. Well if you are the type of person who don't like leaving mess in your sink and if you don't feel doing the dishes several times a day, therefore, it is better to consider the use of Dishwasher Machine.
Dishwashers will not just lessen your water consumption, they are energy efficient too which may help you cutting down your monthly bills.
However, a regular maintenance should be performed if ever you choose to have such machine in order to provide better and satisfying performance.
You have to clean the machine most especially the filters. It may involve plumbing issues as well since you can connect the machine directly to the system. Dishwashers can be plumbed to wither hot or water supply while others especially the new models, heat their own water inside. You have to contact the best Plumber around so that you will not encounter any plumbing issues frequently. Plumbing problems will arouse from time to time so do not expect that once it's fixed, you can no longer experience the same issue. But if you hire a professional plumber, the plumbing system might stay in a good condition for a long period of time.
So which do prefer now? Dishwasher or Hand washing?

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