Mission Accomplished

I just buzzed about the Quantum Amusement center here on my blog and i told you about the toy that Milzon and I were targeting right? We are actually targeting the Ben 10 action figure which is worth 300 tickets. We have 254 tickets and we only need 46 more to get the toy however, as we visited Quantum yesterday, i found out that the Ben 10 action figure is already taken. Milzon is so disappointed and i just tried to convince him to look for something else. He decided to pick these toys below.

The Toy Story Train is worth 150 and the Bouncing Top Toy gun is worth 80 tickets. Well, Thanks God I was able to convince me. Having these toys is not that bad you know. We've worked hard for it and we both deserve a treat hehe.

Thanks to those arcade games that gave us a lot of tickets like the kiddie Pachinko game and the Shoot that Ball game. We have earned a lot of tickets from these gaming equipments.

The kiddie slot machine is definitely our best Ticket provider. We won and earned so many tickets from this game. I think almost 60 to 70 percent of out tickets came from the slot machine.
Okay, Milzon is done with his Arcade adventure so i guess it is my turn now. No, not in Quantum but with my favorite Casino online games. My last game last week wasn't that good so i am planning to get my money back by playing them again. I know it's my day today and i can feel it. haha. I have a good vibration today and i know i can win several good bets. Well, i know luck is not in my control when it comes to this game but i never take them seriously. I am just having fun and i guess that's what matters most. I tried not to be addicted to casino games and play it moderately. If i won several good bets already, i tried to quit the game as much as possible and i guess it is a wise and clever decision for any casino player. Have a great day guys and have fun.

Toy Spaceship

We're heading down to our Second to the last art project for this month. I gave you the clue and now it's time for us to reveal the art craft. Today, we'll show you how to make a toy spaceship out of empty boxes.

To start, we need empty Colgate box, 3 mini rectangular box,toilet paper roll, 3 empty match boxes, and poster paints. We have a real spaceship toy here and we will make a replica of it.

Get the Colgate box, then attach the 2 min rectangular boxes on both side.

(Milzon having fun with the project)

There you go...
Now attach the 2 empty match box right after the mini rectangular boxes on both side.

Ok here's the outcome...

Now cut the toilet paper roll into 2 and attach them at the side of the match box. Use Masking Tape to make it more firm

there you go.... now advance to the next step

Attach the remaining mini rectangular box at the bottom of our Colgate box. this will serve as the Spaceship tail.

let us compare the two... weeeh

Now for the head, just make this pattern on your cardboard

Attach the head at the other end of the Colgate box.

We're done! Now apply the finishing touches!

Make mini cones like these and put them on the both ends of our Toilet paper rolls.

Paint the spaceship with white poster paint as the based color.

Since we do not have gray paint, we decided to paint it black. It's Milzon's favorite color by the way.

(Milzon busy painting)

Oh by the way, put an empty match box on the upper part of our spaceship... just for details...

There you go... our Toy Spaceship!

Unexpected Craft From Milzon

Last night, while i was about to transfer all my photos from my camera to my computer, I was very surprised to see these photos. It's Milzon making his own art project without any of my instructions. i used to be the one who instructing him what to do every time that we're making crafts and this one, he did it all by himself. Okay, so he used my camera without my permission which is a "No no" for me. Milzon is kinda clumsy and he used to break things just like what happened to my cellphone last year haha. Anyway, instead of feeling angry, i felt more of happiness after seeing his art work. He did exactly what we are doing! He presented the materials and took snap of the step by step procedure haha.

Okay so here we go. I actually don't know where did he get this idea. Milzon made a Warrior-like Mask. To start, we need cardboard, Scissors, Colored Pencil and lace.

Draw an oval shape on the card board and cut it out

Then make holes on the mid-upper part of the oval.

Wow and he's using ruler here haha. He's now drawing the details.

Putting the mouth.

Then adding more details to make it more colorful.. that's nice!

Then put the lace on both side.

Tadah@\! A Warriot Mask... I think...better ask him later ,,, about this... Cheers!

More Crafts, More Games, More Fun!

We've been making Art works for almost 2 years and in behalf of my siblings, thank you for all the support that you've been giving to this blog all through out. We still have 3 more projects to share for this month and after that, we're planning to unwind for awhile. It doesn't mean, we are going to stop making art projects, it's just that, we are planning to try something new.
We're planning to do other fun activities but of course, we will still share some art works from time to time. Mirasol will be the center theme next month and she will be making projects that are dealing more about sewing and embroidering. She's currently practicing how to make useful crafts out of the things that is almost considered as trash.
My art projects will be featured this coming March and they are all related about electronics. Milzon on the other hands will still be showing up but will not be as often as before. But of course, i am trying to fix everything especially my busy schedule.
What are the things that you have to expect next month? Well, we're planning to have some fun activities like simple magic tricks (with video of course), and some treasure hunting games for Milzon and his friends. I started to formulate some creative treasure hunt clues for them and i did some research online too. If i am not mistaken, the last time that we had this treasure hunting Game was last Easter Sunday. We will be making more creative stuffs in the next succeeding months so please watch out for it.
That's all for now, Have a great day and happy blogging.

Janet Jackson Live In Manila

Janet Jackson will be having a concert here in Manila as a part of her Global tour. I am really a big fan of this lovely singer! The concert will be held at I was in elementary when everyone gets crazy over her. I was too young to appreciate her music at that time. I started to love her songs when i reached college, however, it’s a bit late for me because she started to lose the limelight at that time.
But for me, Music are timeless and for me, there's no such thing as "Following the trend" when it comes to music. As long as you love the music, you will always love it even if you play it over and over again.
Well, i am not a good singer but i am a certified critic when it comes to music. Janet Jackson is honestly not a good singer if you are going to based it on her vocal skills. She is nothing compare to other powerful vocalist like Celine Dion and Mariah Carey but i can say that she is an excellent performer. She might not have that powerful vocals, she can surely take you to that groovy moves. Janet Jackson is considered as one of the greatest Dance-oriented Singers like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Paula Abdul. She received a lot of recognitions and certified chart topping hits.
I love most of her singles including "All of You", "Again", "What Have You Done for Me Lately", "Nasty", "When I Think of You", "Control", "Miss You Much". Well, in case you do not have the CD of her album and her chart topping hits, her songs are available for digital downloads at ITunes. But for my fellow Pinoys and for you guys who live outside the US, you can access the website without limitations using iTunes Gift Cards. You can check more of the details at Zhljerry.com and see how you can get legitimate US iTunes Gift Cards.
By the way, Janet Jackson's concert will be held at be held at PICC Plenary Hall, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

Toy Giraffe

Remember the "Guess the Remaining Project" post? Today, we will reveal one of them. We Will make Toy Giraffe today out of an empty match box and drinking straws.

To start, we need one empty match box, one bendable straw, one ordinary drinking straw, Yellow, black and brown poster paint and a pair of Googly eyes

Glue the bendable straw on one side of the match box

Cut four drinking straws for about 2 - 2.5 inches high. These will serve as the legs of our Giraffe.

Be careful with the Glue Gun!

Now cut a small piece of cardboard and attach it on the tip of the bendable straw. This will serve as the head.

Start painting it with White poster paint as the primary coat. Having white as the base color will make other paints more bright and glossy.

Let it dry and then start painting it with yellow.

Now add the details including the spots, the ears and the eyes.

Tadah! We're Done!