CityVille Addiction

If you're following me on my Facebook , you are probably aware how addicted i am in playing different Facebook gaming applications. For some reason, i started to love them again and i find them more addicting than before. I remember that was year 2008 when everyone is so crazy over different Facebook games like Pet Society, Restaurant City, Mafia Wars and more. I can say that i am one of those who became so addicted to such games. However, i started to feel a bit boring as my level goes high. Visiting neighbors, dressing up your pet, completing goals, expanding your business and more! These are the things that i do almost everyday and doing such a regular routine is definitely something boring!
I ended up playing Facebook games and decided to give more focus on my blogs. I realized that i should be paying more attention in some important matters like my education and work.

It is my friend's fault! He encouraged me to play CityVille and now i am addicted to it. haha! Right now, i am busy building my cities and trying my best to make it more appealing at CityVille. I also enjoyed playing Farmville and Treasure Isle. Okay, i know i am acting too childish again! I know it would be more appropriate if I hit Casino or play some gambling games online but this is me and I enjoy playing such games. Well, i have tried playing some Casino games before and i find them very interesting. I think i'm gonna add them up on my game list too! LOL.
Have a great day guys. Oh by the way, here's a snapshot of my CityVille.
So if you also have an account for this game, Don't forget to send me some gifts okay? Cheers!

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