Toy Spaceship

We're heading down to our Second to the last art project for this month. I gave you the clue and now it's time for us to reveal the art craft. Today, we'll show you how to make a toy spaceship out of empty boxes.

To start, we need empty Colgate box, 3 mini rectangular box,toilet paper roll, 3 empty match boxes, and poster paints. We have a real spaceship toy here and we will make a replica of it.

Get the Colgate box, then attach the 2 min rectangular boxes on both side.

(Milzon having fun with the project)

There you go...
Now attach the 2 empty match box right after the mini rectangular boxes on both side.

Ok here's the outcome...

Now cut the toilet paper roll into 2 and attach them at the side of the match box. Use Masking Tape to make it more firm

there you go.... now advance to the next step

Attach the remaining mini rectangular box at the bottom of our Colgate box. this will serve as the Spaceship tail.

let us compare the two... weeeh

Now for the head, just make this pattern on your cardboard

Attach the head at the other end of the Colgate box.

We're done! Now apply the finishing touches!

Make mini cones like these and put them on the both ends of our Toilet paper rolls.

Paint the spaceship with white poster paint as the based color.

Since we do not have gray paint, we decided to paint it black. It's Milzon's favorite color by the way.

(Milzon busy painting)

Oh by the way, put an empty match box on the upper part of our spaceship... just for details...

There you go... our Toy Spaceship!


Alice Law said...

Nice spaceship! Pretty cool huh! man~! Milzon made this all by his own(with a little assistance from you)?!! Awesome job boy!

Have a nice weekend!

prince n princess mum said...

This spaceship is just too cool!~