Mission Accomplished

I just buzzed about the Quantum Amusement center here on my blog and i told you about the toy that Milzon and I were targeting right? We are actually targeting the Ben 10 action figure which is worth 300 tickets. We have 254 tickets and we only need 46 more to get the toy however, as we visited Quantum yesterday, i found out that the Ben 10 action figure is already taken. Milzon is so disappointed and i just tried to convince him to look for something else. He decided to pick these toys below.

The Toy Story Train is worth 150 and the Bouncing Top Toy gun is worth 80 tickets. Well, Thanks God I was able to convince me. Having these toys is not that bad you know. We've worked hard for it and we both deserve a treat hehe.

Thanks to those arcade games that gave us a lot of tickets like the kiddie Pachinko game and the Shoot that Ball game. We have earned a lot of tickets from these gaming equipments.

The kiddie slot machine is definitely our best Ticket provider. We won and earned so many tickets from this game. I think almost 60 to 70 percent of out tickets came from the slot machine.
Okay, Milzon is done with his Arcade adventure so i guess it is my turn now. No, not in Quantum but with my favorite Casino online games. My last game last week wasn't that good so i am planning to get my money back by playing them again. I know it's my day today and i can feel it. haha. I have a good vibration today and i know i can win several good bets. Well, i know luck is not in my control when it comes to this game but i never take them seriously. I am just having fun and i guess that's what matters most. I tried not to be addicted to casino games and play it moderately. If i won several good bets already, i tried to quit the game as much as possible and i guess it is a wise and clever decision for any casino player. Have a great day guys and have fun.

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