Kitchen Wonders

Vinegar! Baking Soda! Lemon, Cinnamon! Okay, don't worry guys, we're not cooking anything today. These are the common ingredients that we can find in the kitchen. We know they're uses right? Well, obviously, they are generally used for cooking but i was just amazed after i found out their other functions. I just can't imagine that these simple ingredients can be used in so many waste and they are more than just a recipe or for cooking purposes.
Well, i've been hearing about the White Vinegar and the baking soda thing. I know already that they are great natural bacteria killers but i didn't know that they good really be a powerful household cleaning solutions. Baking Soda. They are effective for removing unpleasant odors, cleaning the stove, the dishes, polishing chrome fixtures, and disinfecting harmful bacterias.
Lemons on the other hands are effective as deodorizers. They can also cut grease effectively.
Cinnamon oil is also an effective deodorizer and mostly used for large surface like bathroom floors.
Other natural cleaners are borax, Olive Oil, Lime and more! How impressive isn't? So do not ignore those simple ingredients because they can be use in so many different ways that are way beyond our expectation
Well preparing for the solutions could be cheap yet very time consuming which is the only disadvantage of this home made cleaner but if you do not have enough preparing for it, then you can get something like the House Cleaning Vancouver WA services. They offer natural organic cleaning solutions that are safe, non toxic and environmental friendly.

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