Guess the Remaining Projects

We have 3 more projects to share for you this month. Join us making this craft!

This project requires a bendable straw, a plastic straw,match box, poster paints (yellow, brown and black) and a pair of googly eyes!

Okay the second one requires a toothpaste empty box, mini rectangular box (we got it from a chewing gum brand), 3 match boxes, toilet paper roll, and poster paints. Well, the space ship toy is your clue? Could it be a space station? Got a clue?

The last one requires 2 boxes One should be bigger than the other, 4 styro cups, 2 ice cream cups, copper wire, 4 tanzans, 2 bottle cups (cup from a mineral bottled water will do), 2 mini bottle cups (cups from bottled medicine), a transparent rectangular container, and popsicle sticks.

Okay care to guess our three remaining projects? These are January's Art Project high lights!