Lost Document

Melvin and I will go to Social Security Sytem (SSS) Department tomorrow. He just lost his E1 form and now he has to go directly to the SSS department to request for another copy of it. He lost the original copy 2 years ago and it's kinda irritating that he didn't even inform us about this. E1 is really important especially if you are going to apply for a job. You have to present your E1 form in the absence of your SSS ID. He don't have the ID yet and if ever he apply for it , it will take more than 3 months for the card to be released.(here how E1 form looks like... I grabbed this photo from the web)
And now that he have lost his E1 form, it is kinda impossible for him to apply as of this moment. He's actually planning now to apply for a company but he will be rejected because of the absence of the E1 form. Too bad, he is not aware about his Social Security number.
So to make closure to this issue, i decided to join him tomorrow to help him in filing the request form.
He's now 20 years old and his old enough to get a job. I told him that he better start working so that he can help the rest of his family. I even told him to try participating some reliable cash gifting programs that guarantees him fast money.
Anyway, he will be heading to the City Hall today to get an Affidavit of Laws. He'll be using that document for verification purposes.

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