Toy School Bus

Today, we're making a Toy Bus out of Empty small boxes.

To Start, we need Yellow, blue ,white and black poster paints, masking tape, and two empty boxes. One big and one small.

Simply connect the two boxes together using a masking tape.

Then paint them with White poster paint. This will serve as our base color. The color will be more brighter if we have base paint.

then cut 4 circle on a thick card board.

obviously, these will serve as out wheels... paint them with black, then set them aside first.

Flip the bus up and put 2 sticks on it using a glue gun. We will be connecting the wheels here.

Since this is a school bus inspired project, we use Yellow as the color of its body.

Add the wheels and some other Details!

Tadah! A Toy Bus!
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Alice Law said...

LOL, I bet all kids will like it! Ohh, you used glue gun to fix the wheel, then it won't be mobile lor?!

Have a wonderful weekend!

bluedreamer27 said...

nope... didn't use glue gun for the wheels... i make a small hole in each wheel and insert it on the stick then lock it with a masking the wheels are still rotating

Alice Law said...

Ohhh... how creative, good job Milton!

bluedreamer27 said...

thank you for supporting this blog Alice... In behalf of my sister Mirasol and my young bro Milzon... thank you soooo much!

Alice Law said...

Please don't mention it, just coudn't resist to love your creativity and innovation! Have a beautiful day to you and your lovely siblings!