Meet the Little Buddies. These are four panda are siblings. (From Left to right) Kelvin , Michael, Mike, and Mickey.
Know more about them and how will they put more colors on this blog soon

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I start working when i was 17 years old. Since then, i encountered so many people. Different faces with different kind of personality. For me Job is not all about gaining work experience, its not about earning money nor stressing out yourself due to heavy work, obligation and responsibilities. For me, Every worker should also prioritize the value of friendship and how to deal with your supervisors, managers and especially your co-workers. Through that kind of perspective, you will realize how lovely your job was despite of heavy works and stressing schedules. Even though the contract ends up with that employer, what important is you built up a strong foundation of friendship which last forever.

House Research and Development co-office mates

Teletech Call center co-agents

Miss you all guys... keep up and enjoy your life the way it should be
have a great day ahead!!!

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