Recycled Christmas Lantern

Our first project for this month is a recycled Christmas Lantern.

To start with, we need old Cds, Popsicle sticks, Plastic cups, Christmas garlands, and copper wire.

Glue gun the Popsicle sticks on the top of a cd. Form a star like this!

Now cover the the cd by another cd (on a flip position)

Cut a small piece of garland and attach them on each corner of our star. Use copper wire to attach the garlands on the Popsicle stick.

Make a hole on the center of our plastic cups.

Insert a copper wire inside the hole and lock it.

Attach the plastic cups at the lower part(legs of the star) of our lantern.

Attach a pair of garlands inside the plastic cups using copper wire.
There you have it, you can now hang it on your window or outside your house.

1 comment:

Alice Law said...

I can't see the the entire outcome! Anyway, I must salute you for your creativity and innovative!^-^

Another resourceful project! Have a nice day!