Bulky Sampaloc Tree

Yesterday while walking around the garden, i just saw these new species of plants.

(A Cactus)

An Oregano plant (A Medical Herb)

(I do not know these two ornamental plants.)
(A San Francisco Plant.)

Well, it is not actually a garden but we saved enough space in front of our house for my mom's plants. She loves planting a lot especially those ornamental plants that give more colors and making our house more appealing to our eyes. However, there is this big Sampaloc Tree near our house that ruins everything in my mom's mini Landscape area. Sampaloc is a Filipino term for Tamarind and we have always wanted to clear out this bulky tree from our house. I just wish we can find something like the Tree Service Portland Company to help us out in removing this bulky tree near our house and give our mini garden more space for other plants.

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