Making an Improvised Maracas

By the first week of December, Children starts singing carol from one house to another. In exchange, the house owner will give them some candies or money as their early Christmas gifts. I remember when i was a kid, i used to ask my dad to make me an improvised drum, so that i can come with my friends and play my drums while others are singing. It's just like the Christmas version of Halloween's Trick or Treat. Here's Mirasol, she will show us how to make an improvised Maracas.

To start, we need small pieces of rocks, Colored Papers, laces and ribbons, 2 empty bottles and glue.

Insert the rocks evenly on both empty bottles.

Seal them with the cap and cover the bottle using a colored paper.

Do the same procedure with the other bottle.

Start designing your own maracas by placing ribbons and laces all over.

Here's what we did, we place ribbons and laces on every corner of the bottle. We used different colors to make it more alive.

We glue some circle cut-outs too!

Now, we placed ribbons on the top of the bottle cap.

There you go, your very own Improvised Maracas!

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Alice Law said...

Ohhh.... this is cute, I never thought of tilt it up side down to make maracas!O_O

Have a happy weekend!