Unfinished Bar

We have this bar inside our house but it's not yet finished. It remains pending for a month already because until now we cannot find someone to fix it for us. The worker that we hired went back to his province for some personal reason so we have no choice but to look for someone to replace him. Actually as you can see in the photos, the bar is almost done. What's missing here are the cabinet glass windows. maybe we just have to find someone who is specializing in such work like the Glass Replacement Portland services. I have heard that they are not just repairing glass windows, they also repair and replace mirrors, table tops, and more. And oh aside from this glass job, we also need to hire someone to apply some finishing touches like the paints and varnish. I just hope they cab finish this bar before the Christmas.

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Alice Law said...

At first I thought it was made by you, that's really amazed me, cos it's professionally done!!

Don't worry, it looks nice even without the glasses!^-^