We Are Ready For November!!!

We're all set for the whole month of November and we will be doing Christmas-related art projects. Here are the glimpse of the 8 art projects for this month!

Empty Egg Shells, Colored papers, Googly eyes, Yarn, Glue, Glue gun

Red Crepe Paper, Cartolina, Glue, Cotton, copper wire

Old CDs, Plastic cups, Glue Gun, Used Christmas Garlands, Copper wire, Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks, Sea Shells, Glue Gun

2 empty bottles, ribbons and laces, Colored papers

Red Colored Papers, Laces, Gold or Silver Glitters

Card Board, Laces, Colored Papers, Glue Gun,

Cylindrical Card board from an Empty Aluminum Foil, Green Crepe Paper, Card Board, Yarn,. Colored Papers, Plastic Container.

1 comment:

Alice Law said...

Wow... gonna use so many resources, it must be a very extensive project!!! Are you making a x mas tree?! I'm getting excited now!^-^

Keep well and have a great week ahead!