Thanks God It Is Not Dengue

I was so worried last Friday when Milzon, my younger brother suffered from a very high fever. It went up to 40 degree Celsius which was very alarming. He's also complaining about his aching stomach that is why i am so afraid that it could be Dengue Fever and we all know how fatal this Dengue fever is; that is why bfore anything bad can happen we rushed him to the nearest hospital. We are very thankful that it ws just a false alarm. The flu is because of the infected wound he got lst week. They treated it and gave us list of medicines to buy. We're glad we brought him into that hospital where services are undeniable great and satisfying unlike other hospitals that provides nothing but a disaster. Those incorrect diagnosis, those treatment delays, the carelessness of nurses and doctors and more! I felt pity for those victims who suffered a lot from these hospitals who practiced unprofessionalism. Good thing, there's the Medical Malpracice Attorney , ready to help you to stop these unacceptable medical errors.

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Alice Law said...

I'm sorry to hear what happened to Milzon, thank God it's not something serious!

Hope he has fully recovered by now!:) You too, take care and have a nice day!