Making a Santa Hat

Today, Milzon and i will show you how to make your own Santa Hat using the following: Red Crepe Paper, Cartolina, Copper Wire, Cotton, Glue Gun.

First, using the Cartolina, Cut at least 4 inch wide Cartolina. Fold it into half (crosswise) then measure it on the head. Should fit the head.

Now attach the folded cartolina on the Crepe paper using the glue gun.

Now put both ends of the cartolina together, forming a circle.

You can use glue to seal the crepe paper.

You should have something like this.

Get a cotton and form a circle by molding it.

Twist the copper wire at the bottom of the rounded cotton

Attach the rounded cotton at the tip of our Santa hat. Cover the copper wire with any colored paper to make it not visible.

Put some designs on it.

There you go! A Santa Hat out of a crepe Paper!

Happy Art Making!

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Alice Law said...

Very nice Santa hat,, you are definitely creative and artistic! ^-^

Have a nice day to you and your lil bro!