Frequent Shampoo Causes Damaged Hair!

Being a guy, i never give so much care about my hair. It isn’t that long compare to what women have and an extensive care wasn’t really important. I used to style it using my favorite hair gel. I also used hair spray net before but after losing down those spiky hair styles, i stop applying it. Before i go to sleep, i used to wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner. I used Anti dandruff shampoo specifically knowing that frequent usage of hair gel can caused dandruff, so to keep myself from those itchy dandruff, i wash my hair with shampoo three times a day. However, i noticed that my hair gets dry after every wash which makes me realized that the frequent usage of shampoo can trigger damaged hair. In fact, i did some research whether shampoo can damage your hair if you use it frequently and i found out that i am right! Most shampoo contains ingredient (sulfate in particular) that can be very harmful to your hair. It can even cause hair loss. Hair is like skin, they can be very sensitive too! There are also shampoos made just to repair damaged hair and to bring it back to its healthy condition.

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