Santa Elves

Finally, we went down to our last Art Project for this month. Today, we will be sharing a very interesting art project. We are making Santa Elves out of Empty egg shells and colored papers.
To start with, we need assorted colored papers, googly eyes, Empty egg shells, yarn, glue.
Cut a 2 1/2 to 3 inch wide colored paper and form a cylinder out of it.
Glue the upper part or the upper mouth of the cylinder
Place the egg on top

Now start gluing the yarn. The yarn will serve as our Santa Elf's hair.

Now start trimming the hair to your desired style.
There you go. We cut it short because this one is a male Elf.
Draw the ears on the colored paper. Make it color flesh or orange.
Glue the ears on both sides of the egg
Make a cone
Glue the cone on top. The cone will serve as the elf's hat
Put a pair googly eyes
Outline the mouth with pencil
Then make it visible using a marker. Add eyebrows too!
Draw the arms and cut it.
Add more details and we're done! A Santa Elf!
Go an make your own Elf too!

(Here's Milzon and Mirasol making their own Santa Elves)
(Milzon Styling the hair. He want his elf to look like an emo LOL. But seriously, we really want it to look like an emo elf.)
(Mirasol outlining the face)
(Milzon putting his elf's arms)
Mirasol's finished product!
Milzon adding some details to his elf.
Tadah! here's our Elves under our Miniature Christmas tree
Hope you enjoyed all our Art projects for this month. Here's a short Recap.

Okay, let me give you a hint about our theme for December. We are going to have "POPSICLE STICK ARTS" theme. So prepare now all your craft sticks and we are doing cool arts out of them. Milzon and I were scheduled to attend a Lantern Parade too so expect me to share you some photos of our own lantern and the entire event too. He will also be attending their Christmas Party at school. hopefully i can share some photos of that event too.
Happy art making everyone and happy blogging.


Fida Abbott said...

Ha, ha, cute.
It looks so fun in making them.
Btw, you will get my card before X-mas.

Happy blogging

Alice Law said...

This is lovely!^-^