My Sensitive Teeth

I have been complaining about this sensitive teeth of mine. It aches when i drink something cold or something too hot. Just like last time when my mom bought us an ice cream. I just can't eat it because my teeth is reacting so fast and it's really painful. Actually even when i drink a cold water, sometimes, i have to take a straw to sip it just to avoid that painful teeth reaction. I started to realized that i have this sensitive teeth when a friend of mine shared the similar condition that i am experiencing. he suggested me to buy those special toothpaste made just for sensitive teeth. And so i did! I just bought this Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief (haha I guess i should be commended for promoting their products for this blog LOL) Well, i can say that it really works for me. However, it only provides temporary pain relief which makes me realized that maybe i should look for a good dentist like those Dentists Vancouver WA ha. I'm sure they can so something about this condition and provide permanent relief for my sensitive teeth.

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