How To Make Ben 10's Omnitrix

It's time for another Cosplay Craft. This will be our second Cosplay craft this month. Obviously, as you can see on the photo above, we will make the so called "Omnitrix", a gadget from a well known cartoon, BEN 10.
To start, we need the following materials: Card board, Green Colored Paper, A bottle cap (a big one), lollipop sticks, Glue, Glue Stick, Glue Gun, Acrylic Paint (White, Gray and Black) and a marker.
Simply draw the pattern above. Just make sure that the length is just right for your wrist. That's very easy guys, they are just combinations of simple geometric figures so no extensive knowledge in drawing required. The Circle shape in the middle is traced from our Bottle cap. What kind of Bottle cap should you use? You know those caps from products like mayonaise or peanut butter? Their size are very ideal for this craft.
Cut the pattern. This is our Pattern 1 by the way. See that 2 parallel lines(upper part)? Just cut them using cutter. Just make sure that your cut will not exceed to the given line. Set this pattern aside first.
Now for the second pattern.
Just make something like this. It's just a combination of 2 rectangles. Again, just make sure that the length is just right for your wrist. Not too tight, not too loose.
Here's how to lock the pattern 2. Just insert the smaller rectangle to the line that you just cut awhile ago. Set Aside first.
Back to pattern 1, it's time to attach the Bottle cap. Make use of Glue Stick and Glue Gun to make it more firm.
Here's how to Lock the pattern 1. Just insert the smaller tail to the 2 parallel lines that you just cut. Just imagine how you wear your watch.
Now combine the 2 patterns using glue stick.
Here's how it should looks like.
Now get the lollipop sticks.
Cut 8 small pieces with a 45 ( / )degree cut on one end. The height of each cut depends on the height of your bottle cap.

Now attach the inclined end of the stick to the inclined end of another stick, forming an ( ∟) shape. You should end up with 4 pairs
Now paint the watch with white acrylic paint. For better appearance, coat the craft with acrylic paint twice.
While drying, cut 2 small patterns like these on your card board.
Paint them black.
Paint the cap and the pattern 2 with Gray. Paint the pattern 1 with Black.
Draw a semi circle on the green colored paper. Cut the semi circle into half and you'll form 2 same shapes like this.
Glue the 2 green shapes on top of our bottle cap, opposite to each other. Outline them with Marker.
Now get our (∟) sticks and glue them on the side of our cap in four different directions.
Attach the 2 small black patterns too.

Add more details and you're done with your Omnitrix. Now time for Milzon to strike some pose haha.
The t shirt is also an improvised one. We used black colored paper to imitate Ben 10's costume.
Ready for some action?
Happy Blogging guys.



Ms. Burrito said...

Very creative, thanks for joining Kuya!

chubskulit said...

Galing naman!

More Color Connection, have a great week ahead.

Alice Law said...

Thhis is so cool, It looks exactly like the one selling in shopping centre!!!