Have you tried PangYa

Are you guys familiar with PangYa? It is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It is a casual online golf simulation that me and my cousin Ichan was addicted to. Of course it is not the typical type of golf and it's way too far compare to the real life Golf game but it is still fun to play with. There might be some fictional characters here but the gameplay is designed similar to almost all golf games. The power and accuracy of a shot are determined by a meter. There are many different and cute characters on the game that you can choose from, however, the characters can be purchased only by Pang, the currency used for the game. So the more Pang you get, the greater the character you can purchase.
You can buy some special items too especially those specialized and customized golf clubs. The courses are way far different from those Golf Courses Portland in Oregon. Of course it involves some special and scenematic effects. They are more challenging too and has a lot of obstacles that you have to surpass.
But then of course, nothing can be much better than playing golf for real. For me, it is more thrilling and more exciting since you will be opposing with real players on the actual golfing game (if ever you joined a tournament). I might consider playing golf too this next summer. That muust be really fun. Are there any golf games for kids? If there is, then I might enroll Milzon too.

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