Merlion Soap Sculpture

I'm really disappointed on what happened to my pictures. I decided to reformat my PC however, i failed to save a back up copy of the folder that contains all the pictures of our crafts. I lost them all and the only copies I have are the pictures posted here in my blog. I lost almost all of our new and not yet revealed crafts. Thanks God I manage to keep some of them through those image hosting sites like Photobucket and Imageshack ... sigh

Today, will share you a very exciting craft. I made this Soap sculpture a month ago for my cousin's school art project. The materials to be used here are the following. A block of soap, cutter, and pencil.

I wish i can share the step by step process but my pictures, just like what i've said they were accidentally removed from my hard drive after reformatting.
My cousin asked me if i can carve the Merlion( a popular landmark from Singapore , a half lion half mermaid statue). Just draw the image on top of the soap and start carving carefully. A single mistake will ruin your entire craft so just do it gently.

Here's the finished product!. My very own Merlion Soap Sculpture

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Raffy said...

Wow Milton ikaw talaga gumawa nyan? ang galing huh, work of art.