Dealing With the Broken Windshields

One of your major enemies aside from the stupid dents and engine failures are the broken windshields. Oh well, it is something uncontrollable unless you always lock your car inside your garage but if you just park it outside your house then chances are, a tennis ball or a rock will fall out of nowhere and will bust your window. The worst here is that, no one will claim their fault, leaving you no choice but to shoulder the repair.
A small crack can ruin the entire look of your car. Unlike dents, there's nothing can be applied to restore the broken windshield. You have to replace the entire window. Windows can be very sensitive with the sudden changes in Temperature. A small ding can turn out to a big crack.
I know that there are clear epoxy that can be applied for dings to prevent it from getting worst but if it's too late then better bring your car to place similar to that Auto Body Phoenix Repair Service in Arizona. They can sure fix the windshield in no time.
I'm not really sure if broken windshield is covered by the insurance. If it does, then you're lucky because you do not to shoulder the whole repair fees. If not, then you have no choice but to pay the service using your own money. Just make sure that you deal with a reputable shop that will give you an honest and competent service.
How about you guys? How was your experience dealing with the broken windshields of your car? Do you leave it as is or you immediately bring the car to an auto repair shop to be fixed?

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