Cat Ears

Here comes the last Cosplay Craft. It's very common in almost all Cosplay especially those Japanese inspired theme. Cat Ears or usually referred as "Nekomimi" is one of the most popular costumes wore by a Cosplayer. Usually wore by girls but boys can have them too.

To make Cat Ears, we need a black colored head band, Glue, Pink Colored paper and cardboard.

Just cut 2 circles on the cardboard.

Just cut a line in the middle of the circle as shown above.

Cut 2 smaller circles on the Pink colored paper and glue them on the bigger ones

Paint the cardboard with white or flesh poster paints

Glue the cut portion as shown above.

Attach them on the headband using glue stick. and you're done

Meow meow


Alice Law said...

LOL! So cute... milzon and u are really intp cosplay now!;D

Ayin Masliza said...

hehehe so cute.. Thanks for sharing.