My Diet Plan

They said that the key to a very effective diet is no other than Discipline and that is what i'm lacking right now haha. I just can't stick myself to a specific diet plan. I have tried different diets already but non of them seems to work very effectively on me. Oh well, i'm not that fat but i'm not that fit too that's why i'm taking some desperate measures LOL.
I don't have much time to do regular exercise and there's no place here to jog every morning or perhaps, i'm just so lazy to do them. Discipline is indeed the answer and how i wish i can practice it effectively. I can easily be tempted by those yummy and fattening foods even how much i try to strict myself from eating them. I always end up ruining my entire diet plan, leaving me no choice either to start from scratch or choose another diet plan for me.
I think i gained some pounds lately which made me realized that i should start taking my diet seriously or else I will end up seeing my flabby stomach bouncing up and down every time i move LOL. I might consider taking dietary supplements too but i will ask my friends first because i need doctors recommended weight loss products. With the growing demand of diet pills today, I'm sure many illegitimate companies will take advantage of this and will release products that are not effective and will give nothing but side effects. Buying doctor recommended weight loss pills is really necessary and it's also for your own safety. It's really hard to trust a product unless they are dr approved weight loss pill. These medical experts know what's the best for you and their recommendations are well trusted. Just make sure you ask their advise first before buying any product like diet pills
For the mean time, I'll try to minimize my meals too. I might experience a little hunger but just like what they said, when it comes to diet, when there's no pain, there's no gain!

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Alice Law said...

Huh?!!(Jaw dropped) Why do u need to diet since u are fit?! Try to consume apple cider vinegar as daily basis, very effective on detoxify and bringing down the excessive body weight!