Ellen Adarna will undergo Breast Augmentation

It was confirmed that Ellen Adarna is willing to undergo a procedure known as "breast Augmentation". This is a medical surgery where in a device is being implanted inside the woman's breast to make it look larger (which is a good thing as we all know because that will make them look more sexy and hot). Oh Well, Ellen Adarna, who recently made it on the Top 10 Sexiest Female in FHM Magazine said that she's still willing to undergo such procedure if she will be given a chance even her disapproves it. She's willing to undergo nose job too if ever.
Well, She's a celebrity and we can't blame her since her sexy body is one of her tools to stay strong in this kind of industry. She needs to be more appealing as much as possible. I'm not sure if she will take it here in some known local surgery center or she might consider taking that california breast augmentation.
Most celebrities hit California (Rodeo Drive in Particular) if ever they want to undergo cosmetic surgery whether it's a boobs job or that california liposuction. The surgeons here are very professional and they are known for providing very satisfying results to their patients. No wonder why lots of people keep on going back to this place because they are very satisfied with the service that they got.
Actually most of my blogger friends are buzzing about their Southern california tummy tuck too (hey that's what i need! haha).
These Plastic Surgery Centers are not just for celebrities and other high profile personalities. It's open for everyone who want to change something to their body, change it to something better to improve their self esteem and add more confidence to them. How about you guys? Will you consider it too if ever you are given a chance?

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