How To Make Long Sword

This is the second to the last Cosplay Project that we have. This is one of Milzon's most favorite too. We're making Long Sword. The procedure here is almost the same with the Katana Swords.
To start, we need Long flat stick, cardboard, aluminum foil, electrical tape,white glue,colored paper and glue stick.

Draw a huge and long sword pattern on your cardboard. Make it two!

Cut the patterns
Glue them on the flat stick

I prefer Glue Stick to make them more firm and steady.

Now cover the sword with aluminum foil.

Tadah! The aluminum foil will somehow make it a little bit more realistic. You can use silver paint too.

Just add some details on the handle. Cut a pair of circle patterns and glue them on the end of the handle.

Aluminum foil can be very sensitive. It can be tore easily that's why i put electrical tape on all sides.

Almost done....
Add some details...

and strike some pose... hehe


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Raffy said...

Milzon! Milzon! Milzon! hahahaha!